Perfectlyis NOThow youdo this.

Your programwill be curated tosupport you, step by step, in yourpath to recovery

Holding acute awareness that the pressures of 2020 have been unexpected, intense and detrimental to many people’s mental health and addiction, Rose focuses on helping you overcome these trialling times, continuing the push on creativity and healthy relationships with ones-self, with a poignant reminder to people that:

“Taking care of myself by asking for help is not a luxury, its important i find time to look after my own needs so i can show up AND be apart of”

A journey with lavieenrose isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ however….here’s an example of what a program might look like:

  • 75-minute session to get know you
  • Daily email support in between sessions
  • Individualised plan (+ relapse prevention )
  • Weekly 1hr calls with free materials and resources
  • Weekly goal setting and accountability
  • Weekly deep dive on your creative / play world
  • Weekly development of resilience, inner trust and feeling steadier on your feet
  • Weekly help in establishing local resources for connection and wellbeing

Each individual program is curated to provide accountability which works for the individual.